node corp. is a forward thinking IT Infrastructure Consulting firm. Our core competency is in Complex Solution Design with a focus on Linux, Open Source and High Performance Computing. We typically work with Mid to Large size Organizations across a broad range of industries.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, node corp. is a leading Canadian IT infrastructure consulting firm. Our focus is to be an innovative thought leader, and trusted adviser in IT infrastructure engineering for mid to large size organizations. Our clients span multiple industries including aerospace and aeronautics, national retail, and financial services. We are selective with the organizations we work with as we are thoroughly convinced that the client must be as committed to the quality of the final deliverable as we are.

node corp. also operates a niche specialty practice focused exclusively on High Availability and High-Performance Computing. Being one of the few firms in Canada to have a line of business that excels in this unique field, we have become the trusted solution provider for a number of large IT manufacturers, software developers and IT service organizations. Our demonstrated success has allowed us to additionally foster unique working relationships with a number of organizations within the Higher Education and Research communities.

Our firm strongly believes that information technology needs to focus on people and processes just as much as servers and networks. This thinking drives us to create solutions that deliver value across multiple parts of your organization. By focusing on correct technology selection, coupled with efficient workflow processes and strategic business vision, node corp. enables you to achieve greater success.

Design Philosophy

Three key words act as the guiding principles in everything we build:

  • Simple – Easy to operate. Easy to maintain.
  • Stable – Always there when you need it
  • Secure – Only available to those you allow

If a solution does not meet these three criterion, then it’s simply not nodeworthy.

Core Values

  • If it’s right for the client, then it’s right for us.
  • Not every challenge requires a technical solution.
  • If we solve our client’s problem, they’ll simply give us more problems to solve.

We do not believe in vendor lock-in. An organization needs to maintain control of their environments, their systems, and their processes. We believe that a vendor who respects this idea, will easily establish a foundation of trust; and will enjoy a long-standing relationship with their clients.